Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Return To The United States

The fight continued  and they joined the National American Women Suffrage Associated as congressional lobbyist

This was due to dispute over tactics in England

They opened a Washington Office in January 1913.

They threw an event, parade, to attract media attention, after from Woodrow Wilson getting elected into office. 

Enormous success, built the Congressional Union For Women Suffrage. 

Lucy Burns went on a hunger strike for three weeks, went to jail, and was the women who spent the most time in jail during the women's suffrage movement in 1917, after World War I had begun. 

When Woodrow Wilson arrived in Washington during the suffrage procession, and as he ade his way to his totel, he asked his driver "where are all the people?" The man replied, "over on the Avenue watching the Suffrage Parade." 

Opening day of the new Congress April 7, 1913-Reintroduction of the Anthony Amendment

The Congresstional Union commanded a great deal of attention in early 1915 

March 2, 1917 Woman's Party, Wilson gets elected, no further deputations 

Congressional Union to picket the White House Every single day, 1,000 women participated from all over the country.

January 10,1918 The House voted 274-136, achieved the necessary two thirds vote, but the Senate delayed until October. 

June 4, 1919 The  19th amendment prevailed and passed in the Senate 

Alice Paul went on to pen the simple line that became the Equal Rights Amendment -

"Men and Women shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place subject to it's jurisdiction." 

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